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We currently have only two dogs that live with us - Westin and Maple.  We lost both of our senior girls, Cava and Puffin, in 2022.  We love to work with our dogs one-on-one, so it is important to us to only have as many dogs living with as as we can realistically train on a regular basis. This means that they get the individual attention, training and exercise that flat-coated retrievers require. 

We co-own several other dogs that live with great owners.  This allows these dogs to meet their potential and live wonderful lives, yet potentially still remain a part of our breeding program.

The co-owned dogs are Flip (Colorado), Aero (Lethbridge), Sibley (Colorado), Amber (Edmonton), Dart (Colorado), Cricket (Hay Lakes), Stevie (Hay Lakes), Tarn (Lethbridge) and Callum (Saskatoon). We greatly appreciate our co-owners and their huge contributions to Blazingstar Flat-coated Retriever over the years.   

Westin Cava Puffin Foothills 756A6995.jpg
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